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Rabbit and John Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 by the two marketing specialists, M.L. Arunkamol Varavudhi and Pisit Soonthornwan, to focus on delivering high quality marketing implementation originally to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. We have been drawing on their decade-long experience and full potentials to continuously earn trust of our customers in both public and private sectors for supporting their online/offline marketing activities.

                In 2019, Rabbit and John has launched an individual brand, “GOTHAM Marketing Service Agency”, offering multiple services to SME customers’ online activities. It enables individual owners a great opportunity to develop their business by utilising our professional team for an affordable cost. Following its success, recently Rabbit and John decided to quickly launch another individual brand, “Wunderland Creation”, representing an advertising agency, which is a production house by itself. Its ads production and broadcast services are very well gaining attentions from customers of various sizes.

Presently, Rabbit and John is one of the leading digital marketing agencies of the country as well as a one-stop source, where multiple services are offered. Our outstanding track record encompasses all aspects of marketing and promotion. Our campaigns are not limited just within domestic areas, but also extended overseas including China.

                Since its founding, Rabbit and John’s business practices have been being governed by integrity, fair dealing and full compliance with all applicable regulations. Meanwhile, we have been trying our best to be adaptive in order to flexibly respond to customers’ demands. While we are ambitious to be a small moving part, contributing to the growth of national economy, we always ensure that our employees are well treated with a reasonable compensation, welfare, and work life balance. We wish to create happiness and plenty of warmly smiles everywhere we work, visit, and coordinate with. Forward your business with sincere effort.


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People grow through experience

If they meet life honestly and courageously.

This is how character is built.


M.L.Arunkamol Varavudhi

/ Director